User Experience (UX) Research & Design

In developing any digital product, our goal is to understand and meet users’ expectations and needs, as well as their effective experience when interacting with a brand, product or service.

The new products we develop are based on valuable insight and solutions provided by UX researchers and user-centered design provided by UX designers.

New and Existing Products:

Introducing new products with new features of old products is very important because product performance and user expectations are changing drastically. So, for existing products, UX researchers perform various research methods to identify opportunities and find user needs for new features.

As a UX designer, besides digital products, we also can provide 3D models and prototypes of physical products.

To achieve these goals, we partner with Innovative Sustainable Services (ISS), a research and consulting company based in California that includes highly skilled and expert teams with years of experience in various industries and fields, to provide professional UX consultants, conduct comprehensive UX research ,  and provide user-centered design for our digital and physical products.